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Fordwrite has provided a wide array of writing, research and consultancy services to both New Zealand and overseas clients since 2001. Specifically, Fordwrite focuses on providing high quality print and online content. Recently, Fordwrite have begun providing social media content. Fordwrite can provide businesses, organisations and individuals with a variety of communication and consultancy services.

Chris is smiling
Chris Ford, founder of Fordwrite professional writing and consulting services and DRNZ Associate


Driving Miss Daisy

Daisy with trademarkDriving Miss Daisy provides transportation services for seniors, children, disabled people and anyone who is unable to drive from A to B. We offer you independence and peace of mind, enabling you to get out, have fun, and add some zing into your everyday living.

Our special service also provides assistance in and out of the car, going to appointments, shopping and company on outings.

Individual needs are catered for including assistance with a walker or wheelchair.

Find out if Driving Miss Daisy is near you – please call us on 0800 948 432, we look forward to hearing from you.

All of our Daisies are ACC Registered Vendors, and we accept Total Mobility Vouchers in most areas of New Zealand.

Photo taken from the back of the room with Pam in the distance presenting.
Driving Miss Daisy national conference 2017 with Pam on stage.
Pam and Lynda are posing for the photo in front of a Driving miss daisy car, about to go into the conference
Pam and Lynda in front of a Driving Miss Daisy car








Blind Alive

Eyes-Free Fitness® distributes digital audio exercise programs through a website and an iOS app for the iPhone that are both designed for 100% accessibility.
It offers access to a growing number of accessible digital audio exercise programs across different modalities, fitness levels, and interest.

People who are blind or low-vision may have a harder time participating in exercise due to inaccessibility or lack of experience. Eyes-Free Fitness® designs and produces together with certified trainers the only programs currently available that are specifically designed for people who are visually impaired or who do not want to rely on visual cues and visual instruction that is typical of conventional exercise instruction. People who are visually impaired do not enjoy the same level of access to exercise as sighted people. Eyes-Free Fitness® closes that gap.

Focused exercise is particularly important for people who are visually impaired.

Photo of Mel doing yoga on a sunny day in a parkBlind Alive logo